Fashionably Yours

“Makeup is not a mask that covers up your beauty; it’s a weapon that helps you express who you are from the inside.” – Michelle Phan

I have always been a tomboy throughout my life and also an outdoor kind of person. I couldn’t drape a saree perfectly up till now, couldn’t make fancy hairdos though always loved the dresses where not much fuss was required but I have been following fashion since ages. I am crazy about latest trends in fashion and always curious to know what the celebrities are wearing and this fad started after the birth of my kids, suddenly I became intrigued but it doesn’t mean I can drape the saree properly or apply impeccable makeup but whatever I wear is appreciated and considered classy.

I think it has lot to do with my father’s and husband’s profession because in Defense Services everyone is conscious of dressing up and I have always been surrounded by bevy of immaculately dressed up charming ladies with their coiffured buns, not a hair out of place, pearls, chiffons and kanjivarams. The kind of social outings we attend makes you adept in dressing up stylishly and I can simply come out with amazing outfits by mixing and matching in a jiffy. It takes me a few seconds to decide what is appropriate or fit for the occasion, in fact I feel I could have been easily working in the fashion industry expect for the fact that I can’t sketch and I believe that would have been a major handicap.

Somehow with makeup I have never been experimental and have always restricted myself to few basic products and never felt inclined towards trying something different and have been contented with whatever minimalistic I could do. Like a bolt in the blue it struck me that if I don’t try now then maybe it will be too late and I don’t want to leave this world with unfulfilled desires and definitely I need to cover certain flaws. The internet especially the YOUTUBE has made things so simple for us where you have millions of tutorials claiming to make you a pro by just watching a five minutes video and that is tempting enough not to try it. So that’s what I did and got pulled into a captivating world of BB creams, concealers, blushes, tints etc and to my surprise I found it quite fascinating. I felt I was an illiterate in this department and that is not acceptable. There are so many products flooding the market that novices like me can just get lost which I am right now and keep admonishing myself that I wish I was introduced to it much earlier in my life and this is where I miss having a daughter who would have made me acquainted with this latest interest of mine.

Immediately I pulled up my socks and decided to foray into this magnificent world of colours and I really admire the girls who are so creative and so artistic in applying their makeup. They can transform an ordinary person into extraordinary, they have magical hands. Artist doesn’t mean only a person who can paint canvases or who makes sculptures. Nowadays the people who do makeup are called makeup artists and they have definitely earned this title.

I am just a beginner now, buying some essential products and following some tutorials, maybe over the years I might also be bestowed with the title of Makeup Artist. It’s never too late to start even when you have 48 years of life behind you. Life is so much fun and it has so much to offer. All skills are important and meaningful, what I didn’t do before maybe now it is time to pursue, even if it is just learning how to do makeup.

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  1. Akansha says:

    So true when u look beautiful that self confidence Sparks up ur personality ✌️

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    1. animatedchatter says:

      Thank you Akansha…Being surrounded by positive people really alters a person’s personality.

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