My Unlikely Buddy

‘Health is not valued till sickness comes.’  –Thomas Fuller

cartoon-flu-bug-text-a-cartoon-illustration-of-the-text-flu-with-a-germ-theme-vector-clip-art_csp25760118There comes a time when your mind just draws a blank and you are totally at loss of words, things appear to be bleak and there is nothing that inspires you. This is my present state of mind. Should I blame the weather as rains show no sign of ebbing or my condition as I am under the weather (Ironic, Isn’t it!?) down with flu which like the incessant rain refuses to leave me as it is enjoying my company but somehow I have grown “sick” and tired of it.

I tried to bring it down by popping antibiotics, did four to five rounds of steam inhalations and endless gargles but to no avail. It is so obdurate and has taken a fascination to me and has been clinging to me in the same manner a toddler clings to his mother, initially like a toddler its grip on me was little tight but over a period of 10 days it’s behaving like an adolescent growing more independent and more annoying, showing its unpredictable and rather volatile demeanor which is so visible in my moods when I undergo a long spell of cough which makes my whole body jive as if I am performing a Latino number.

It is so implacable that it is hell-bent on taking revenge for all the remedies taken by me  that it torments me in the middle of  the night disrupting my sleep by blocking my nasal passage with its army of viruses which makes it difficult for me to breathe and has to be pacified with a gentle application of Vicks Vaporub, and only then can it be subjugated and I can have an uninterrupted and restful sleep.

It has a such a strong hold over me that my happiness is totally at its mercy. I have forsaken ice creams, chilled cocktails and many of my favorite dishes to this villainous friend who takes pleasure in my anguish. It has made such a place in my life and cemented its bond with me that it make me feels as if we have always been inseparable. The physician has also run out of ideas and has left me at the mercy of my parasitic friend which is blooming with every passing day and has no inclination to depart.

My healthy pursuits like cycling, walking have taken a backseat and I can see kilos adding up to my already healthy frame and on top of it my mom’s bitter concoctions to ward off the flu are taking a toll as my taste buds have all suddenly vanished and not only my mouth but my tongue has also become caustic and everyone around is avoiding me like plague, after all who wants crabby company. But my loyal companion is still sticking to me like glue and has taken a vow ‘Till death do us part’.

All is not disagreeable as I am a bit of an optimist, I know it’s hard to fathom especially with all the complaints but I can see positivity in negativity too. Since the time my buddy has claimed me I have had fair share of fortunes as well. I am being pampered to the hilt, drinking and eating healthy, watching my favorite movies as they say it is imperative to rest in order to spring back to your feet. I have got a break from the monotonous exercise regime and enjoying all the attention that is being showered on me.

I will not be erring if I say that I am going to miss my friend no matter the amount of hard times it has given me. It has opened doors for me to realize that in order to appreciate good health you have to endure some suffering too. I think I feel much better now and maybe time has come to say ‘Au Revoir’ to my flu pal who has so endearingly kept me occupied. It is that unique friend which gives happiness when it is far away and you wish it never ever visits you again but leaves an indelible mark.


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  1. Sarita says:

    Loved it .. keep it up Poonam

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sandeep says:

    You made the bout of illness seem humourous.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Akanksha Krishan Sharma says:

    Simply awesome 👌


  4. krish says:

    Beautiful narrative Poonam……enjoyed the subtle humour ….You have a lovely style of story telliing….
    Get well soon…

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Arti Sharma says:

    Can associate myself with each word written so truely and effectively .. keep going and share more

    Liked by 1 person

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